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About our Collections

Accessories- If simplicity is one of the highest forms of sophistication, then you've come to the forest of some of the most beautiful but functional accessories ever designed to complement your lifestyle. You may want to select from accessories such as the permanent hair laser removal tools for those desiring smooth skin surfaces, smart keyboards, personal health and fitness organizers and remote controlled Wi-Fi wall switches which allow you to program your home while you are away from home. Fantastic! The list goes on and on. Proceed to checkout once you have selected your items and trust me, you won’t regret a purchase. 

Earphones- Personal effects truly represent what it sounds like when the gadgets are designed with objectivity and precision for its users, such users would be joggers, fitness conscious individuals and road and sea travelers looking for that surround-sound effects. It is no secret that gamers, campus students, holiday makers, music lovers, stadia fans, home-office workers, and a whole lot more of you are out there looking for not just functionality but for trendy, wireless-bluetooth, IP67 and IP68 waterproof earphones. The compendium of earphones in our store are guaranteed to give you peace of mind, enjoyment and listening pleasure. Why don’t you relax, browse through and head straight to checkout for your copy while stock lasts? 

Home- One of the lifestyle adjustments the Homefront has retained after the lockdown is the “Live-Work-Play” or exercise aspect. Why not? Necessity being the mother of invention somehow opened home-doors to items like the exquisite aluminum adjustable and laptop and tablet stands, electric masseuses, summer air vapor coolers, home theater touch button systems, LED and USB mosquito killers, and anti-menstrual pain devices. A whole lot more is available for you to take home. Buy now!

Office and Electronics- Keep your workspace organized with our selection of desk accessories like the grain surfaced padded leathers, uncommon keypads, ergonomic boards and more. Our definition of office goes beyond buildings; our homes have recently become where we live, where we work and where we exercise. Care givers in our hospitals and other facilities are speedily riding on the waves of trends, acquiring gadgets and devices such as the Nurse MP3 USB voice recorder, RGB lit keyboards, and the amazing wireless thermostatic heating coffee mug-charger. Wow, wow, wow. For those seeking relief from work stress in the office space, those returning home to their couches, how could you miss out on the GX-M01 Leg Massage Mat? Everyone, GO grab your copy. You call them stress-relievers, we call them wonderful!

Chargers- The demand for fast chargers and long lasting power banks is no more a luxury, but a necessity for all classes and age groups of device owners and users across the globe. Having this collection range from magnetically pulled USB chargers and LED display screen power banks to waterproof solar powered banks and wireless chargers, some more interesting innovations are coming soon. We invite you to rush the stock available by buying some now!

Arabian Delight- Beauty and elegance the spice of exquisite living. Trend meets an age-long exuberant culture characterized by a vigorously imaginative artistic style of superbly finished and sometimes hand crafted kettles, water and coffee jugs, lamps, incense burners and a whole lot more soon to be showcased in this collection category for the accentuating of your dwelling place. 

Kids- Alilo. Alilo. Alilo. Check this out! Alilo Big Bunny the electronic pet is a must have not just to spark the imagination of kids, but to educate and develop intelligence through bedtime stories, nursery rhymes and recorded parent voices. The fascinating robot has a large memory card that can store hundreds of stories. Virtual reality headsets and video games, electronic kiddies materials and adventure inspiring toys are also available. Your little ones deserve to discover new toys. You may want to head to checkout right away. 

Lights- Light is illuminating and is also that which describes. Our careful selection of RGB lights, ring lights and more are a bouquet of illuminating pride. Other functions are seamlessly complimented with other functional but classy light gadgets like rechargeable LED flashlights, strip lights (voice controlled and WiFi enabled), under water LED lights and much more on the way. Check it out!