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About Us

E' Panta Market is a large ecommerce space and we exist to meet your need for electronic devices, gadgets, appliances, wares and other functional, yet trendy equipment, necessary to complement your lifestyle. We believe that while journeying through life’s maze you should have access to a place that offers you variety, quality, and affordability of personal devices. A one-stop-store powered by Shopify and serviced by some of the most dedicated world-class personnel, E’ Panta Market’s core focus is bringing value to the marketplace while pleasing our customers.


We are an all-inclusive marketplace with only one goal in mind which is to serve you, and through your referrers, serve your community”

Most businesses out there seldom put themselves in the shoes of the shoppers. E’ Panta Market does! Consequently, we invite you to navigate with ease through the variety of collection items (categories). Each product page offers other alternative products captioned ‘you may also like’. In our bid to please you, we have in the meantime, extended discounted shipping rates to customers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia, and are working tirelessly to also bring on board other carriers who would offer similar discounted rates, plus ocean freight services for shoppers in other zones of the world. We believe that as we bring these values to your eyeballs and savings to your pockets, you will reciprocate as brand ambassadors in referring your community to us.

''We believe in the power of listening to people''


Apart from supplying you with valuable tools, part of our mission is to break the norm of not meeting up with customer satisfaction. We seek to bridge this gap by handing over the power of control to the shopper, indulging you to use our ‘contact us’ form. (Your power of control to let us know what you would like and how you would love to be served). We also encourage you go to the top-left corner of the home page to create an account with us for periodic updates and our newsletters. We will endeavor to regularly display new products, educational blogging contents, blog posts, instructional knowledge-based content and consistently communicate with you our signed up customers. E’ Panta Market will always seek to maintain customer-market transparency. You’ll also go home with what you see, not what we want you to see!

''We would like to think with you''


It is empowering to know that you are being heard. Our E’ Panta Market store is sensitive to your desires and needs. This is obvious in our product selection and product varieties, customer service and support, our refund and privacy policies, shipping options and interactive blog pages.These and many more have been curated with the specifics that you have asked for in the past and have talked about, but no one out there cared to listen. E’ Panta Market cares to listen! Our products tell the story of whatever customers say they need, be it for your homes, spas, cars, gyms, sports, beauty, health, culture, aesthetics, offices, or trends.You name it. We care about shoppers’ budgets and that you enjoy discounted, live-calculated-rates from carriers, track your purchased items, take advantage of ocean freights, and select from express and standard air freight services offered by the different carriers. Part of the works in our pipeline is to facilitate the provision of consolidated-cargo services, whereby our shoppers, who are from the same geolocations, combine their cargos and share shipping cost, thereby saving cash.


Assist People to Trend”


Our vision relies on the electronics that people need to complement their lifestyle and sometimes ease stress. Gadgets are trending and the internet has almost 4.57 billion active internet users as of July 2020. E' Panta Market is very conversant with the challenges that shoppers go through in search for technology needed to upgrade themselves, and convert their home-space into a live-work-exercise world. Please leave that work to us!

How do we curate our marketplace?

Our dedicated team is supercharged to find suitable products that you need through artificial intelligence and analytics.

How do we maintain quality?

We strictly filter our suppliers using procurement standards, their long-standing years of manufacturing experience, reliance on inspector’s assessment reports, and internationally accepted management certifications, such as ISO14000/ISO 9000 for their products. In addition, we ensure that devices pass through country acceptance certifications like FCC, ROHS, CE, REACH, SGS, BSC, etc.. We also have a holistic after-sales customer support system to provide timely responses, and immediate call-to-action for refunds, return, and replacements, whenever and wherever a factory-defect product is mistakenly delivered.