E' Panta Market - FREE SHIPPING On All Orders!


How long does shipping take?

Answer: Express shipping takes 4-7 days, air freight takes 7-10 days and sea freight takes 25-40 days.

How can my order be tracked?

Answer: Using our different carriers, you will be able to use the tracking number sent to you via email to track your shipment

What is the cost of shipping?

Answer: The cost of express and air freight shipments is based on weight per kilogram. These shipment methods are most times a faster delivery for you than sea freight.

Customers' items for sea freight are measured by dimensional volume. For more information, please visit here:



How do I change my shipping address after I place an order?

Answer: We will change the shipping address for you upon receipt of your email request for a change of the new and detailed shipping address.

Would I get a refund for a product with factory defect?

Answer: For information, please visit our refund policy here:


Would I get a receipt for my order?

Answer: Yes, a detailed receipt will be sent to you via your email address.

What other payment platforms apart from Shopify Pay can I use?

Answer: Our customers can enjoy the flexibility of using the following platforms; Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Shop Pay, JCB, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

How secure is my privacy?

Answer: Please visit our store's privacy policy here:


How do I enjoy discounts and prizes?

Answer: You can enter your email address for our Spin-A-Sale where you get different discounts and prizes off of products.

Our seasonal discount sales are very attractive. Most customers on our mailing list will receive advanced notifications of discount sales.

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