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Customized Travelers Multi Country Power Adapter Sockets

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International Compatibility - This Customized Travelers Multi-Country Power Adapter Socket is designed with a wide voltage range of 100-240V, which is applicable to different countries. It covers over 200 Countries With US/UK/EU/AUS Plugs And 4 USB Ports.

Charges up to 5 Devices - This Traveler's Adapter Socket allows simultaneous use of the AC power socket and 4 USB Ports, therefore can support charging 5 devices at the same time

Smart Charging - The Intelligent Identification Chip lets This Multi-Country Power Adapter Socket automatically recognizes devices and delivers the best charging power for each device being charged.

Protection & Safety Certified - The built-in safety shutters protect users from electric shock. The Multi-Country Power Adapter Socket is FCC, CE, and ROHS Certified. 

Product information/Specs:

Connection: Plug-In
USB Total Output: 5V, 4500mA Max
Single USB: Smart 2.4 A
Male Plug: UK/AUS/EURO/USA Type Plug
Housing Material: Fire Retardant Bayer PC 
Metal Material: Full Copper With Nickel Plating 
Certification: CE ROHS FCC Approved
Weight: 136 g 
Size: 54*71*53 mm